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At Creaney Primary School our priority is to provide a balanced curriculum that caters for a student’s academic, physical, social and emotional needs.  We aim to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding required for students to reach their potential, not only in academic areas but their development as a whole.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of staff who work towards achieving the school vision and targets as outlined in the school Business Plan 2022-2024.


Building and maintaining positive relationships across our school community is very important to all of us because we know that it’s these relationships that will form the foundations to learning and future success.  


We work together with parents/guardians, school groups, such as the School Board and P&C, and the wider school community to ensure the best opportunities for our students. 

Our school’s focus on Visable Learning ensures students develop the skills to be in charge of their own learning and develop the learner dispositions: persistence, resilience, self-direction, reflection and inquisitiveness.

'Caring is our school motto, and this forms the foundation for creating a school culture that is focused on students becoming valuable members of our society'.

At Creaney Primary School, our students learn life skills such as acceptance, tolerance and empathy first hand, as we share our school campus with the Creaney Education Support Centre.  Students attending the Education Support Centre integrate into the primary school program and this partnership allows us to learn from each other through coordinated integration programs.


Michael Kovalevs


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