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Students at Creaney Primary School undergo numerous assessments throughout the year to assess their skills, knowledge and understanding of various content and subjects taught across the curriculum. This enables teachers to measure the progress of their students for reporting purposes.


Assessments may be mandated, school or classroom based.


Teachers also conduct a variety of classroom-based assessments throughout the year based on the teaching/learning program.

  Mandated assessments include:

  • National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) (Year 3 & 5 students)

  • On-Entry Assessment (Pre-primary students)

  • PEAC assessment (Year 4 students)

  • Brightpath

  • Writing and Maths

  • Instrumental Music assessment (Year 4 students)

  School-based assessments include:

  • Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) – Maths, Science

  • Westwood Minute Tests (Maths)

  • Mathletics assessments (Maths)

  • Wheldall Assessment of Reading (WARL) (selected students only)

  • MiniLit Placement test (selected junior primary students only)

  • Phonics check Year 1Y

  • York Assessment for Reading (YARC)

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