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A small number of CESC students join Creaney Primary School in a range of classes or activities, some whole school activities such as sports carnivals etc.  Reverse integration is where Creaney Primary School classes participate in CESC activities, with cooking being the most popular.

Creaney Primary School and Creaney Education Support Centre (CESC) are two separate schools sharing one campus.  Each operates with their own Principal and staff. 


However, following our school motto of ‘Caring’ the school has a strong commitment to integration.

Play Links is an innovative, reverse integration program, developed at CESC which is now receiving interest from schools around the world. This program teaches senior students from Creaney Primary School about interacting with students from CESC whilst working through certificate levels as ‘PlayLinks Monitors’.  The monitors are responsible for the management of structured play stations within the CESC play area. They are taught the principles of positive behaviour management, Makaton sign language and Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PICS).  As well as developing positive attitudes and knowledge of disabilities in the senior primary students, the program also offers CESC students more opportunities to interact with their mainstream peers.

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